Top 50 Christian Scholar Blogs

Top 50 Christian Scholar Blogs

One of the most interesting and fulfilling things you can do is attend a Christian college and learn the ways of the Lord while getting a good education. If you feel like you have a calling, you can even become a Christian scholar, and get a degree in divinity, making the gospel your life. There are a number of ministry career paths that can be fulfilling. If you are interested in learning more about the gospel, and about being a Christian scholar, here are 50 great blogs that can help:

Mainline Protestant and Evangelical

These Christian scholars offer interesting insights from a protestant view, or an evangelical view. A number of general Christian scholar blogs fall into these categories.

  1. John Mark Hicks Ministries: This Christian scholar offers a look at religion.
  2. Mainstream Baptist: Dr. Bruce Prescott offers insight into the gospel of Jesus Christ, the scriptures, and society.
  3. Reflections of an Afro-Christian Scholar: An interesting look at religion, race and more in Christianity.
  4. The MethoBlog: An interesting blog with interesting news and information with a Methodist perspective.
  5. Father Jake Stops the World: An interesting blog from an Episcopal priest — one that sometimes comes out with something heretical.
  6. EPS Blog: Get insights from the Evangelical Philosophical Society.
  7. King’s Evangelical Divinity School Blog: An interesting place to learn a little bit more about the gospel, and how you can develop a relationship with Jesus.
  8. Cyberbrethren: This blog offers insight into the gospel with a Lutheran perspective.
  9. Reformation Anglicanism: Scholarship related to reformation Anglicanism, and related religious issues.

Roman Catholic

Learn more about Catholic scholars. Fascinating insights from knowledgeable scholars on a number of subjects.

  1. Roman Catholic Blog: A look at issues and scholarship related to the gospel, specifically the Roman Catholic liturgy.
  2. Catholic and Enjoying It!: Learn more about what it means to be Catholic.
  3. L.A. Catholic: A look at liturgical matters related to Catholics in L.A.
  4. New Liturgical Movement: A look at liturgy in the modern world, and the meanings behind liturgy. Focused on the church in modern times.
  5. The Catholic Worship Blog: Offers an interesting look at Catholic worship and scholarship.
  6. Fr Hunwicke’s Liturgical Notes: This scholar was once Head of Theology at Lancing College in Sussex and offers interesting notes on liturgy.
  7. Liturgy: Spiritual worship based on Catholic liturgy.
  8. The Deacon’s Bench: A Roman Catholic deacon offers insights into Catholicism.

Orthodox and Eastern Churches

A number of Christian churches fall into some sort of Orthodox or Eastern category. Here are some of the blogs that can help you learn more about Christianity from these viewpoints.

  1. Fr Luke Palumbis’ Blog: Read about the gospel from a Greek Orthodox viewpoint.
  2. Bishoy’s Blog on Coptic Orthodoxy: A fascinating look at the Coptic church.
  3. ORTHODIXIE: Orthodox Christianity in the Southern U.S. Includes doctrinal discussions.
  4. Evlogia: An interesting look at Orthodoxy.
  5. Fr. John Whiteford: This scholar and Orthodox priest offers his perspective on religion and on the world.
  6. PadreTex: This Southerner offers insights into Orthodox liturgy.
  7. Devshirme: Interesting information and more from an Eastern viewpoint.
  8. Byzantine, TX: Another Southerner offers insights into Eastern Orthodoxy and helpful information on liturgy.
  9. Matushka’s Blog: Thoughts on Christianity and Orthodoxy from this wife of a Russian church priest.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has its own scholars. Learn a little bit more about this take on Christianity.

  1. Times and Seasons: This blog offers a look at Sunday School Bible lessons, discussions on religious topics from a Mormon viewpoint, and more.
  2. Feminist Mormon Housewives: An interesting mix of religious and feminist scholarship, this blog addresses issues of gender and the LDS church.
  3. FAIR Blog: These LDS apologists work toward creating a better understanding of Mormonism, and study different aspects of the religion.
  4. Feast Upon the Word: Analysis and insight related to teachings from the LDS scriptures.
  5. The Backyard Professor: A look at issues of Mormon doctrine and interesting scholarship regarding the LDS faith.
  6. Temple Study: Scholarship about LDS temples, their origin and their purpose. Relies heavily on the teachings of renowned, late LDS scholar Hugh Nibley.
  7. By Common Consent: Interesting discussions and insight about the Mormon faith.
  8. Mormon Momma: Concerned with religious questions facing LDS mothers.

Other Sects

There are number of other Christian sects that offer their own scholars. Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists fall into this category.

  1. Jehovah’s Witnesses: The official site of Jehovah’s Witnesses, including news and commentary.
  2. Liliw Seventh-day Adventist Church: Information and news about Seventh Day Adventists.
  3. Messianic Jewish Musings: An interesting look at the teachings and scriptures of Messianic Jewish theology.
  4. Jews for Jesus: Considers the theology associated with recognizing Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah.
  5. Yet Another Unitarian Universalist: Considers religious questions related to the UU faith.
  6. The Quaker Ranter: Learn more about the Society of Friends, and what members believe.

Scripture Study

These blogs offer helpful hints to daily scripture study, and can provide insights that will serve you well as a Christian scholar.

  1. Daily Scripture Blog: Offers a daily scripture. Read others’ comments about verses, and and your own.
  2. Biblia Hebraica et Graeca: An interesting blog about Bible translations. This is a blog about the Hebrew Bible, and includes information on interpretation.
  3. biblicalia: A look at Biblical interpretation and early Christian translations from an Eastern Orthodox point of view.
  4. Codex: Includes study of Bible translations, as well as related sources, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  5. God Didn’t Say That: A fascinating look at the Bible and the mistranslations it contains.
  6. Participatory Bible Study Blog: Get involved with Bible study with this blog that offers a variety of helpful insights.
  7. Suzanne’s Bookshelf: This blog looks at Bible study from a female perspective, and looks at different translations of the Bible.
  8. Scripture Zealot: Interesting insights, commentaries and more on different aspects of the scriptures.
  9. The Forbidden Gospels: Consider the collections of scriptures that didn’t make it into our accepted canons. An interesting way to study early scriptures.
  10. A Study of the Book of Mormon: An interesting look at the Book of Mormon, and scripture study for LDS scholars.

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