Top 10 Christian Scholars to Follow on Twitter

Top 10 Christian Scholars to Follow on Twitter

To popularize views of Jesus Christ, there a good number of Christian scholars can be seen around popularizing thoughts and ideas and Twitter as a media of mass blogging is a very credible platform to popularize thought and ideas.

Tenisha Idowu: Living at Texas, she is a Texan writer, poet, blogger, reader, Christian, volunteer, activist, scholar and political junkie.  She was born at Midwest City, Oklahoma and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. In 2006, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in political science and a minor in psychology from Texas A&M University.

Yolanda Lehman: She is living at St Cloud, Minnesota USA, where she is employed as professor and evangelist. She did her BA from Wesleyan University with a double major in African studies and Religious Studies. About her philosophies of life and Christian views, you can read her at blog Ain’ta That Good News?!.

Garth Ogle:  He is a technical person, musician, orthodox Christian Scholar and a Web Master.

Heather Melton: Living at Greenville, SC she is an Anglican, Librarian and Bibliophile and has keen interest in Christian learning.

E, Forsaith: Living at Tehran, Iran he is an editor of scholarly books, writer, film fanatic, art lover and orthodox Christian.

Corner Stone: Operating from the Phoenix, Arizona it is a Christian Meditation Community, which provides an elaborate space for meditation, workshops, renewal and library.

Anthony Jerrod: He is one of the brightest Christian thinkers of present era and is provided with divine quality of touching hurting souls with his words and writings. He is a graduate from Southern University and Louisiana State University and writing Christian literature and poetry for over 15 years.

Preacher Institute: It is a collective effort of Orthodox Christian clergy and laymen of various disciplines who are committed to the teaching of Gospel and to improve skills and craft of homiletics and apologetics. It offers articles, workshops, seminars and exercises to improve Christian learning environment.

Father Leo: Living at Ft Lauderdale, Florida he is an extreme follower of Jesus and serving as a Missionary Priest.

Rev Rachel Gonzalez: Living at the Oakland, CA she is Mystical Christian Priest. She is actively associated with Sophia Peace Center in Dolores, Colorado that provides awareness and raises funds for Peace workers.


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