Top 10 Biblical Learning Blogs

Top 10 Biblical Learning Blogs

God is everywhere. So, it should come as no surprise to find Him on the internet also. Hey, He’s probably even got his own Twitter account. The Big Man Upstairs has gone high tech, and here are the Top Ten Biblical Learning Blogs to help you “Follow” Him.

  1. Participatory Bible Study Blog is run by Henry Neufield, a Bible teacher, writer and lecturer who specializes in the Participatory Bible Study Method. Not only will you find answers to your Bible questions, but he also posts interesting analytical articles on Bible translations, lectures, and videos.
  2. Answer the Skeptic is a blog devoted to helping Christians understand and answer the questions of religious skeptics, and probably answer a few of their own questions also. How can science and religion coexist? Each blog post presents interesting perspectives and information on how Christians can live and believe in a secular world.
  3. New Epistles looks at different Bible translations and approaches to studying the Bible. Were the tongues “distributed” or “divided” in the original Greek of Acts 2:3? This blog answers that question and many more that spring up from multiple translations.
  4. An Alien and a Stranger, by David Miller, a scholar and teacher at McMaster University is about studying the New Testament in its historical first-century Jewish/Greco-Roman context. Subjects also range from how much suffering is expected of missionaries, and Barth’s thoughts on truth, among many other scholarly observations.
  5. Confessions of a Bible Junkie is the blog of Matthew Burgess, a student of Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity at the University of Virginia. If you want to know about early Christian worship, the historical Jesus, New Testament textual criticism and read a few posts about the relationship between religion and popular culture, this is a very interesting blog.
  6. Christian Bible Study Blog addresses Religion versus Science, recommends books and Jesus-related T-shirts, has a Q&A section for “non-believers” and even tells you what those “vestigial organs” are for. All in all, a very informative site that tries to cover just about everything, including studying the Word.
  7. Creative Bible Study Blog has creative Bible lessons and ideas for how to creatively evangelize, teach children and youth, and teach yourself to know the Bible thoroughly. They have pages for all ages, like Preschool, Children and Youth, with specialized sections in Bible Memory, Bible Reading Plan, and Bible Studies.
  8. Preacher’s Study is a beautifully done blog for “Serious Christian Bible Study from the Eastern Shore church of Christ.” The purpose is to help people read and interpret the Bible for themselves and the blog welcomes questions, suggestions and comments. And yes, it is run by a preacher.
  9. Blog’s Bible Study category has posts on random subjects of the Bible, like “are Jesus’ parables easy or difficult to understand?” It also covers how to get the most out of your Bible reading, the experience of reading the Bible in the original Greek or Hebrew, and daily devotionals.
  10. hosts a number of Bible study related blogs on a variety of specialized subjects. Blogs range from approaching the Bible from cultural, scholarly and missional perspectives. Bock’s Blog, for example, looks at Christ and culture from a theological standpoint, and Dr. Bock is one of the most respected New Testament scholars.So go onto God’s Homepage, find His web address and loudly Tweet His name in praise. Or, start your own blog so others cal “follow” you on your path of Biblical learning.

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