Rankings for Christian Universities and Colleges

Christian college and university rankings have their limitations but as long as you know what these limitations are then they can be very helpful. Any set of rankings is likely to have its limitations so don’t think that some sets of rankings are necessarily good or bad. They just can only be as good as the information that went into them.

How Many Colleges And Universities Were Ranked?

People often assume that every Christian college and university in existence was considered whenever rankings like this are put together but this may not always be the case. Do you know how many Christian colleges and universities there are in the country or even in the world? Do you know how much work it would be to collect extensive information on each and every one and compare them all point by point?

This would be a massive undertaking and who knows? Maybe the rankings that you find will have done just that. And maybe they didn’t consider every last Christian college and university on the planet. Shortcuts are not necessarily a bad thing but you do want to know if they were used to help make compiling a list of rankings a little easier.

What Do You Want To Get Out Of The Rankings?

Much more important that what went into the rankings is what you want to get out of them. If the information that went into the rankings and the information that you want to get out of them are a match then you are in luck. The more these two perspectives diverge, however, the less helpful the rankings that you are looking at become.

The following points cannot be overemphasized. First, not every set of rankings will use the same criteria so different colleges and universities might come out on top in different rankings. Second, many of the criteria used to create such lists are at least partially subjective or they are open to interpretation.

This makes ranking Christian colleges and universities an inexact science at best. These facts are not meant to undermine the validity of the rankings. They are only meant to remind you of the limitations of such rankings.

Christian college and university rankings are not perfect. They may not include all Christian colleges and universities in their comparison. Even then, trying to compare one college or university to another is like comparing one person to another. They’ll both have different positive qualities and in many cases it will be nearly impossible to accurately rank one above another.

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