50 Christian Causes You Can Follow on Twitter

50 Christian Causes You Can Follow on Twitter

As a Christian student, you probably know about Twitter; but do you know about all the Christian causes you can follow on that social medium? The following list of 50 Christian causes you can follow on Twitter includes campaigns, movements and ministries, organizations and personalities who have created a huge following for Christian organization and ministry.

ChristianityCampaigns, Movements and Ministries

  1. @12Magazine is Christian Business, a site for Christian business owners.
  2. @30dp is 30 days of prayer, a global and local initiative.
  3. @AdvntConspiracy is an international movement to restore the “scandal of Christmas” by substituting compassion for consumption.
  4. @BibleLeagueAUS is the Bible League located in Penrith, Australia, called by God to provide Bibles and training worldwide so that people prepared by the Holy Spirit will b brought into fellowship with Jesus Christ & His Church.
  5. @CatalystLeader is the leadership filter for what’s next in the church.
  6. @christianslive is the Church Worldwide, asking “What’s happening with the church today?”
  7. @compassion is Compassion International, a Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from poverty in Jesus’ name.
  8. @Habitat_org is Habitat for Humanity International, a Christian ministry that welcomes to its work all people dedicated to the cause of eliminating poverty housing.
  9. @HeresLife is the Here’s Life Inner City ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.
  10. @NationsBeGlad is Desiring God International outreach, concerned with John Piper Updates, News, and Global Missions Information.
  11. @OMusa is International Christian Missions, or OM Usa, a group that works with 5,400 missionaries from 95 nations in 110 countries and on board mission ships.
  12. @persecutionblog is the Persecution Twitter account for the Christian Persecution blog.
  13. @ProLifeBlogs is the largest group of pro-life blogs standing for the sanctity of human life, healthcare, adoption, abortion, medical ethics and more.
  14. @prolifehealth is a Twitter account supported by Pro-Life Healthcare and centers on debate from a pro-life perspective.
  15. @SamaritansPurse is a non-denominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.
  16. @theResurgence is The Resurgence, a movement that resources multiple generations to live for Jesus.
  17. @ToEveryTribe is a ministry that exists to glorify God by preaching the gospel in the still unreached regions and to plant self-lead, self-sustaining, self-reproducing evangelical congregations.
  18. @TweetingCHURCH is a World Wide Web Christian church that is comprised of believers who Tweet on Twitter.
  19. @worldwideprayer, or the World Wide Prayer Chain, is uniting the world through prayer in Jesus’ name. No language or denominational barriers.
  20. @worldvisionacts is the network of students called World Vision Act:s, committed to faith and justice, creative activism and advocacy.

Alliance Defense FundOrganizations

  1. @AllianceDefense is the Alliance Defense Fund, a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth pertaining to religious freedom, sanctity of human life and traditional family values.
  2. @beliefnet is the world’s largest multi-faith spirituality and inspiration Web site that also contains recipes and horoscopes.
  3. @ccoalition, or Christian Coalition, is a grassroots organization dedicated to helping America’s Christians impact the things they care about.
  4. @emergentvillage is the Emergent Village, a growing, generative friendship among missional Christians seeking to love our world in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
  5. @Heritage is the Heritage Foundation, a think tank devoted to the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.
  6. @hookersforjesus is run by Annie Lobert, “overcomer of sex trafficking, speaker, author and founder of Hookers For Jesus.”
  7. @Ligonier is dedicated to helping Christians know what they believe, why they believe it, how to live it, and how to share it.
  8. @OpenDoors is an international nonprofit ministry that serves persecuted Christian in 45 countries.
  9. @personhoodusa is Personhood USA, a mission to “preborn children.” They lead and participate in peaceful pro-life activism, evangelism, and ministry “outside of places where preborn babies get murdered.”
  10. @SalvationArmyUS is the Salvation Army, with links, stories and helpful information.
  11. @Surrender40 is a group that reaches out to the homeless, the sick and the prisoner through God’s Love.
  12. @womenoffaith is the group, Women of Faith. They encourage women of all ages and stages in life by offering events, materials, and online resources.


  1. @acts29 is Scott Thomas, president of Acts 29 and a church-planting pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle.
  2. @candacecbure is Candace Cameron Bure, who loves Jesus and philanthropy and who stars on Make It Or Break It on ABC Family.
  3. @ChristianRep is Brett, a Christ follower, servant, prayer warrior and mentor.
  4. @edstetzer, or Ed Stetzer, is a “missiologist,” pastor and president of LifeWay Research.
  5. @fatherdave is Father Dave, Anglican Parish Priest, professional boxer, 6th Dan Black Belt Martial Arts Master, human rights activist and community worker.
  6. @JasonCurlee is Jason Curlee, a Christ Follower, husband, dad and campus pastor for Bay Area Fellowship.
  7. @jimfinwick, or Jim Finwick, is the owner and coach of 1010 Living, Executive Director of Camelot Consulting and VP of Information Technology at Compassion International.
  8. @jimknaggs is Jim Knaggs, Salvation Army USA Western Territorial Commander.
  9. @joelosteenmin is Joel Osteen, founder of Joel Osteen Ministries. He is involved vaccination programs, abandoned baby centers and centers for young troubled teens looking for a new life and a fresh start.
  10. @John1720 is John Teiber, Christian, who seeks to share and grow in Christ, and with a passion for mentally disabled population.
  11. @JohnMarkGlobal is Mark Hobafcovich, a disciple, husband, missionary and church planter in urban North American, serving with NAMB (SBC).
  12. @JoyceMeyer is Joyce Meyer, founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Follow for daily “Joyce-isms.”
  13. @MaxLucado is Max Lucado, minister, author and husband.
  14. @mikehenrysr, also known as Mike Henry, Sr., is the founder of Lead Change Group Leadership Teamwork Christian.
  15. @NatalieGrant is Nashville’s own Natalie Grant, a Jesus follower and singer.
  16. @revtrev is Trevor Lund, Christian speaker, writer and “Lead Dreamer” for Expectancy Ministries.
  17. @RickWarren, or Rick Warren, is “Radical for Jesus. Pastor to pastors. Mentors Next Gen. Loves doubters. Leads network of churches in 195 nations-PEACE Plan.”
  18. @WayneElsey is Wayne Elsey, founder and CEO of Souls4Souls, Inc.

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