13 Beautiful Infographics Every Christian Should See

13 Beautiful Infographics Every Christian Should See

Christianity is full of beautiful concepts, leading believers to the hope of something better with the thought of salvation. Christian students know that they have much to learn, whether they are studying divinity, or just trying to live the best they know how while attending school. You can attend a Christian college, or make it a point to join Bible study or other Christian groups that can provide fellowship and knowledge.

One way you can visualize Christian concepts is to use infographics. These devices take concepts and express them clearly. If you are looking for some helpful and interesting infographics regarding Christianity, here are 13 beautiful infographics to consider:

  1. A Diagram of Christian Denominations: This Christian infographic is beautiful in its simplicity. If you are interested in history, this simple diagram shows how different Christian denominations split off each other. It’s an interesting infographic diagram that includes different councils and splits, detailing the origins of other churches. One of the more interesting additions on this diagram is that of “Restorationism”, which acknowledges a group of religions ostensibly split of from protestantism, but claim that they were restored, rather than developed from what they consider corrupted religions. An interesting look at the major splits that have resulted in the hundreds of Christian sects we have today.
  2. Ancient Hebrew Cosmology: Many Christians trace their religious history through the Hebrew tradition, especially as it relates to the Old Testament. Ancient Hebrew cosmology is very interesting from a number of standpoints, and many Christians find themselves interested in learning a little more about ancient Hebrew beliefs. In some ways, having an understanding of the ancient culture can help Christian students of today get a good handle on the foundations of their own beliefs. This lovely infographic from Michael Paukner illustrates the ancient Hebrew view of cosmology. A good look at the way the ancient Hebrews viewed the makeup of heaven and earth — and the underworld. Compare it to the modern Christian view.
  3. The Nativity of Jesus Christ: One of the most well known stories in Christianity is the birth of Jesus Christ. If you are interested in seeing the events of the Nativity, this infographic is quite helpful. It is a beautiful infographic that includes the highlights of the birth of Christ, using representations of paintings. The basic outlines of story, including the travel of Mary and Joseph, the birth in the stable, the angelic visit to shepherds and the arrival of the Wise Men, are portrayed and explained. A great reminder of the story of the Nativity, as well as an attractive way to teach newcomers to the faith about the story of Christ’s birth. A simple and lovely infographic.
  4. Charity: Who Cares?: If you are looking for information on the way that the religious give to charity, this infographic is heartening and inspiring. It breaks down who is giving what. This infographic is not focused entirely on religion, though, offering information about how other countries give, as well as how the U.S. gives. It makes for an interesting comparison, since the U.S. is widely seen as the most actively Christian of developed nations. Another interesting part of the infographic focuses on how religious people donate in comparison to secular people. As you can see, religious folk are more inclined to give. And that is heartening, showing that Christians are practicing what they preach.
  5. John 14: 8-21: One of the more quoted passages in scripture is John 14: 8-21. This is a passage that describes our relationship to Jesus Christ, as well as Christ’s relationship to the Father. This infographic representation offers a break down for these verses of the New Testament. If you are looking for a simple way to grasp the concepts expounded in John 14: 8-21, this handy infographic is a great resource. It can also help you think of ways to create your own representations of other scriptural passages, in order to help you better remember the main messages taught.
  6. The History of Martyrdom: One of the basic tenets of faith for many Christians is the willingness to lay down one’s life for the kingdom. Indeed, even as Christ laid down his life to save us from our sins, we should be willing to give our lives in defense of the faith. This interesting infographic looks at martyrs throughout history, focusing on different denominations, and the number of Christians subject to being killed on account of their faith. It is a beautiful reminder that we can be strong in the faith, even if most of us are not threatened with death for our beliefs.
  7. Christianity Around the World: If you are looking to feel kinship with other Christians, this beautiful infographic offers insights and information on Christian sects around the world. It is very basic in its divisions by Catholic, Orthodox, Pentecostal and Protestant. However, even with these simple divisions, it is clear that there are definite areas of Christianity around the world. You can feel fellowship, and know that you are not alone.

Infographics from Clarence Larkin

Back before infographics were called infographics, Clarence Larkin was using informative illustrations to beautifully portray Christian concepts. Here are some of the classics that help illustrate various concepts.

  1. The Underworld: Learn about the different aspects of the spiritual underworld. Often, we are rather simplistic in our view, dividing life after death into heaven and hell. However, Larkin offers a little more insight, using the scriptural references to divide up the real estate of the underworld — and who inherits what. A great look at the afterlife, and what happens after we die. As you can see, there appears to be traffic moving in and out, and you can pinpoint where different sorts of people might go, depending on their disposition here on Earth.
  2. The Heavens: If you are interested in seeing where the underworld is relation to the heavens, this infographic is extremely helpful. This infographic illustrates each of the three heavens, and where they are situated. It reconciles scripture and confusion quite nicely. You can follow the traffic of souls, and see different areas of life. Includes a look at the underworld as well as the heavens, and shows the entire makeup of the after life. A fascinating way to visualize often confusing concepts, rendering them clear and understandable.
  3. The Failure of Man: One of the biggest issues in Christianity is the failure of man. Humankind continues to struggle because we like the perfection of Christ. In this infographic, Larkin shows the different dispensations of man, and how they progressed. You can see how man has progressed through different eras of knowledge, but still fails to achieve perfection. Of course, only Christ can reconcile us, and so we must believe in, and rely on, Him. This inforaphic illustrates man’s progression to the final state of holiness, offering to hope.
  4. Resurrections and Judgments: Some of the most confusing passages of scripture are located in the Revelation of St. John. There is much talk of different resurrections, as well as different judgments. If you want to keep it all straight, this infographic is a great resource. Making use of Biblical language so that you can get a better idea of what different key phrases mean, Larkin offers a look at the different resurrections and judgments that are to take place. A good teaching and study tool that can help you get certain parts of Revelation, Matthew, Joel, Ezekiel and other apocalyptic writings straight.
  5. The Church versus The Kingdom: Often, we are guilty of confusing the the church with the Kingdom of God. In order to learn the difference, Larkin put together this interesting chart. It offers a timeline showing the rise of the church, as well as the rise of the Kingdom of God. It also includes information on the counterfeit kingdom of the Antichrist, which will rise after the Rapture. Included also is a look at the “times of the Gentiles” and how that progresses. An enlightening and helpful inforgraphic that helps you learn about proper authority, and the importance of the true kingdom.
  6. Second Coming: Another concept that sometimes provides confusion for Christians is the Second Coming of Christ. If you are interested in getting it all straightened out, Larkin offers this helpful inforgraphic that shows a chronilogical time line. It also lays out concurrent events. The visual format makes it easier to visualize this often convoluted concept and see the place of everything.

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